Registered In Chicago

Bob was meeting his friend Roy at a coffee shop. Roy was a good friend, but he was a diehard conspiracy theorist. He could go on for hours about everything from FEMA plans to establish concentration camps in Nebraska, to how the Illuminati killed Kennedy because he had found out about the Roswell saucer crash. Bob realized that his friend needed an audience, so he always listened politely.

“So,” he said, as Roy sat down, his eyes wide and feverish, “what’s the conspiracy about today?”

“Laugh if you want,” Roy said, “but I have proof this time.” He laid down some papers and pushed them across the table.

“These are voter registration forms,” Bob said, glancing at them.

“Copies,” said Roy, taking a big swig of his coffee. “This is legal proof that Saddam Hussein, Moammar Khadafy, Idi Amin, and Adolf Hitler are all alive and well!”

“How do you know?” Bob asked.

Roy grabbed the papers and shook them in Bob’s face. “Because they’ve all registered to vote in Chicago!”

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