CleanMemes.com is a place for clean memes. That means the primary purpose for this site is to post clean memes. Much chatter has been made about the simplicity/absurdity of this site. Again, the purpose of this site is to post clean memes. The purpose of this site isn’t to appeal to one’s sense of style or catchy titles. Is this site stylish with catchy post titles? Nope! Does this site provide clean memes? Yep. Why? Because that’s the purpose of the site.

If you’re here to see clean memes, guess what? You’ll see exactly what you came here for. Guess what you’ll see if you’re here for more than clean memes? Yeah probably not what you’re looking for.

Some people come to this site and scoff at what appears to be cheesy and corny content. Why? Because their sense of humor finds pleasure in jokes about private parts, and they enjoy humor like you’d find on Family Guy or South Park. Why isn’t their sense of humor appeased on this site? Because. Wait for it. Because this site is for clean memes!

All attempts are made to keep things clean. If you spot a meme that isn’t clean, please send a URL to the unclean meme to CleanMemes1@gmail.com.

Clean Memes harvests memes from all across the web and pastes the good ones (In my opinion. In the opinions of most, not so good.) to a blue background. Most of the memes are not the creation of CleanMemes.com. Sometimes CleanMemes.com creates their own memes. People are more than welcome to take those memes and paste them to their own blue background, or the background of their choosing, and steal them for their own use.

In spring of 2018 CleanMemes.com decide to up its game, or maybe up its lack of game to Youtube. You can now view some of the worst, I mean best memes on the Internet on the CleanMemes.com Youtube channel. You should really subscribe to the channel. Use an anonymous account though. You don’t want your friends thinking you view such lame, weak sauce material.

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