Shameless Christmas Money Ask

This is a shameless Christmas money ask from This isn’t for charity, and it’s not for anything vital, altruistic, or anything of that sort. The money might go for electronics, books, fast food, junk food, snacks, or baking supplies since I’ve recently taken to making homemade pies. This is a no pressure, nothing promised in return, shameless Christmas ask for money, if that’s something you want to do.
Some people might flower up such an appeal by saying this is your opportunity to give, or by saying if you appreciate the free service provided then please give. I assume people using the site appreciate it, because well , they keep coming back! As if giving someone money for junk food, electronics, and fast food is an opportunity. I appreciate things that are gimmick free, straight forward, honest, free of guilt trips, free of emotional manipulation, and don’t involve arm twisting. (All things that make me an ineffective marketer and salesperson.)
Thanks for using the site, and thanks for giving if you decide to give.
You can give on GoFundMe by clicking here.