Blue Background Vindicated by Yahoo News

Some brief background. Way back in the early 2000s I used to post images various places on the internet that weren’t up to snuff, according to some.. They were a bit faded and such, because I didn’t have a high priced image editing program. The amount of grief I received from the internet was high. A few years later Instagram came along, and all of the sudden I saw people using filters that ended up making their pictures look EXACTLY like the images for which I was receiving grief. *GRRR*

I would also posts images online with one or two word captions above them in bold arial black font. Again, I received a ton of grief over that. Then a few years later I see videos on social media with what? Yes captions above them using bold arial black font. *GRRR*

2013 comes along and I start I decide to use a blue background for the memes. Again I get grief from the internet. But this time, it really doesn’t bother me. Why? Because the internet eventually “catches up” with me. Yahoo News is the first observable source to apparently catch up with me. Look at their use of a blue background for this Tweet.


Who will follow my lead next? Video Challenge: Are You Up To It? Round #1

Are you ready for the video challenge? What is it? I want to see who can endure watching 1500+ clean memes, almost four hours worth. Who can endure almost four hours of the same royalty free music playing in the background?

Maybe you can’t endure it. Actually if you can’t, that might be a good sign you still have your sanity.

Watch the video below until it’s over, or until you’ve had enough. Comment on Youtube below the video how long you watched. If you really want to get into it, make a reaction Youtube video of yourself watching the video, and share it. You can email it to, and I’ll post it somewhere on the site.

Invite your friends and family to the challenge. What’s the prize? Look at this site, do you really think I can afford prizes?

Video: 1500+ Clean Memes, Almost Four Hours

I have a real treat for my loyal visitors, although this may provoke you to be less loyal, because frankly, it may be pure torture! This is for new visitors too.

I’ve compiled a video of over 1500 clean memes, that’s almost four hours of nothing but clean memes. These are memes used in the early days of the site, so they may be new to you, or old. (A few of the newer ones snuck in.)

Sit back, grab a beverage, get some munchies, and enjoy almost four hours of clean memes set to the same somewhat above mediocre royalty free music all the way through. You can probably turn the volume to zero and use your own tunes to enhance the experience. Remember to subscribe to the Youtube channel. is on Youtube: So Subscribe has upped its game, or at least decided to bring some of its game to Youtube. You should really go subscribe to the Youtube channel and watch the amazing blue background Clean Memes in video format with some catchy royalty free/public domain music playing in the background. It will bring a smile to your face, or it might make an already bad day worse. I’ll let you decide. I’ll try to add more videos over time. So be sure to check often, and keep the quality of your day as high as the quality of this site. Which really. . . isn’t that high.

Go here and watch, and subscribe. If you subscribe I guarantee my ego will get better, but sadly this site won’t.

I’ll do my best to keep the weak sauce weak, and the quality just a few notches below tepid and mediocre. If at any time you start viewing the quality of this site as . . . umm . . . quality, please email me at and call me back to my expected low levels of slightly off-center, and haphazardly thrown together.