Blue Background Vindicated by Yahoo News

Some brief background. Way back in the early 2000s I used to post images various places on the internet that weren’t up to snuff, according to some.. They were a bit faded and such, because I didn’t have a high priced image editing program. The amount of grief I received from the internet was high. A few years later Instagram came along, and all of the sudden I saw people using filters that ended up making their pictures look EXACTLY like the images for which I was receiving grief. *GRRR*

I would also posts images online with one or two word captions above them in bold arial black font. Again, I received a ton of grief over that. Then a few years later I see videos on social media with what? Yes captions above them using bold arial black font. *GRRR*

2013 comes along and I start I decide to use a blue background for the memes. Again I get grief from the internet. But this time, it really doesn’t bother me. Why? Because the internet eventually “catches up” with me. Yahoo News is the first observable source to apparently catch up with me. Look at their use of a blue background for this Tweet.


Who will follow my lead next?