Help fund a new laptop on GoFundMe. **Updated 11-07-2021**

****FUNDRAISER UPDATE 11-07-2021 1136 AM EDT***

As of right now $335 has been raised, and that is enough to fund the Best Buy open box HP laptop I’m currently typing on. Thanks everyone for the help. This does everything I need it to do. Not a fan of Windows, and I’m now too cheap for Mac, so I installed Linux on it. (Even though the person at Best Buy said it couldn’t be done on this machine. A bit shady if you ask me. If I came into a windfall of cash I’d probably get a Mac, but I don’t really need one.)

Ten-ish years ago a wad of money was spent on a Mac, and I thought the durability was proof investing money into something more expensive was worth it. Ten-ish years later, it seems like quality has changed in many products, and software is becoming discontinued sooner. I no longer am convinced investing a lot of money in a computer is worth it. We’ll see if I’m correct. *crosses fingers*

The fundraiser remains open if you want to contribute. The money obviously won’t go toward a computer. I’m a big fan of chocolate, fast food, Kindle books, and odds and ends electronics. It would most likely go to fund that. In other words, I’m trying to be honest and say further funding won’t go to anything altruistic, that is unless you consider me gorging on chocolate, fast food, Kindle books, etc. is altruistic. I’m also a fan of Amazon e-gift cards that can always be sent to Those also won’t be used to fund anything altruistic.

Thanks again!


I’ve been operating since 2014, with the same computer I’ve had since 2011. There are no longer updates for it, and it’s slowly but surely losing life. I’d appreciate your help in financing a new one. This is not a charitable not for profit donation. You’re sending me a gift. I can’t promise anything in return. Your help is appreciated. Every little bit helps.

You can click —->Here<——- to contribute on GoFundMe. My goal is $700.

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